Kinosaki Tajimaya
453 Yushima
Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka-shi
Hyogo, Japan 669-6101
Local Calls: 0796-32-2626
Int. Calls: +81-796-32-2626
Access from major points
access from meajor points

7 Onsen Bath Houses

There are 7 public onsen bath houses located in Kinosaki Onsen. Each one with its own history and charm. Some feature outdoor baths where you can soak in the natural hotsprings while enjoying the fresh air. All of the onsen are with in easy walking distance of Tajimaya. All of our guests staying with us are given a complimentary pass so that they can use the onsen free of charge from when they check-in until they check-out.
Please see the link below for more details on each onsen.

Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway

The view from Mount Taishi, accessible through the Kinosaki Ropeway was awarded two stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan 2013 as a spectacular view. “Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway” installed on Mount Taishi stretches from the valley station by way of the intermediate station, where the Onsenji Temple is located, to the summit station with its observation deck, which offers a panoramic view over the historic town Kionsaki Onsen as well as out on to the Sea of Japan.

Izushi Shinkoro (Clocktower)

The Shinkoro was originally a drum tower built on a stone platform next to the former Sannomaru Otemon gate in the year 1871 during the Meji period (1868〜1912). At that time it would indicate the time every hour with a drum. Since the doctor Ikeguchi Chuujyo donated the big clock in the 14th year of the Meji period (1881), it became a clock tower in which the third generation of clocks still clicks away today.

Izushi Castle Ruins

Izushi Castle was built, in the year 1604 by Koide Yoshifusa at the base of Ariko Mountain in the west of Izushi town. A shrine is sited on the mountain, with 37 vermillion red tori (gates at the entrance to shinto shrines) lined up, which make a beautiful contrast to the castle. Ariko Mountain is also called Shiroyama (castle mountain) and is a well known spot for viewing cherry blossoms in spring.

Takeda Castle Ruins

Since the shape of the castle area resembles a lying tiger it is also called “Torafusujyou” (lying tiger castle) or “Kogajyou.” It is designated a national historic site. Looking up from the area around it, Takeda castle is situated on the far away mountain top and also referred to as Japan’s Machu Picchu or “Castle in the Sky” due to it often being surrounded by the mist from the Maruyama River. The old castle has become hugely famous for its majestic walls rising from the sea of clouds.

It takes about 50 minutes from Kinosaki Onsen by car.
Get off at JR Takeda Station