Japan’s Best Onsen Town, Kinosaki Onsen

Tajimaya is located in the center of Kinosaki Onsen. Kinosaki Onsen is a popular onsen, hot spring, resort destination year round. It was called “The Best Onsen Town” by Lonely Planet. The town has an outstanding atmospher that still holds onto the old traditions that date back 1300 years, to when the town was first founded. Kinosaki Onsen is located in Northern Hyogo Prefecture and only 2.5 hours from Kyoto and 1.5 hours from Himeji by express train. It is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the joy and culture of Japanese onsen and ryokan in one.

Welcome to Tajimaya

Tajimaya is a three-story wooden building, which was constructed in the 15th year of the Taisho period (1912 – 1926). With earthen walls, antique wood, bamboo and charcoal, making “healing” the main theme, we have been very particular about creating a chic and modern extraordinary space packed with a playful mood. With its black tone based exterior, imagining traditional townhouse construction style, Tajimaya was built with impressive quality in the center of Kinosaki Onsen. Without abandoning the traditional, ancient Japanese style, aiming for the “modern Japanese” style, which matches the current era, the interior was designed under the motto “rebirth of the traditional Japanese house” by using of natural vintage materials everywhere.
Just to start with the guest rooms a space with Tajimaya’s identity is presented by preserving the ancient charm and incorporating the current fashion.

Tajimaya’s Hospitality

Kinosaki Onsen, which is aiming for “the number one Japanese onsen town” is bustling with a great number of tourists. Participating in the town’s development and carrying on a Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) our unshakable slogan is “Everything is for the Guest”.
For us “hospitality” means working hard to heal our guest’s soul and making them feel moved.
If we manage to make our guests feel moved, we are moved.
We keep “Give the visitors a relaxed mind and the visitors who are leaving happiness” in mind and do everything as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime chance.
We are greatly moved and delighted if we are able to receive such words as “I will come again!” Please feel free to ask for guidance about restaurants, tourist information concerning Kinosaki Onsen etc. after you have arrived.

A comforting space arranged with natural materials

For our guest rooms we used traditional Japanese materials like earthen walls, antique wood, bamboo
and charcoal abundantly, which invite our guest to relax.
We feel there is nothing better than our guests being able to relax in our elaborate rooms.

All 12 of our guest rooms feature the importance of natural material and a warm atmosphere. Spend the rest of your journey feeling relaxed.

We choose the guest room for you when you stay with us, so each stay is a surprise as to which room you will get.

Guest Room Facilities
  • ◆ Air-conditioning (all rooms)
  • ◆ TV
  • ◆ Refrigerator (charges apply to pre-filled drinks)
  • ◆ Restroom with bidet toilet (all rooms)
  • ◆ Free wifi (all rooms)
  • ◆ Washroom
  • ◆ Air Purifier
  • ◆ Hand Towel
  • ◆ Shampoo & Conditioner
  • ◆ Shower Cap
  • ◆ Body Wash
  • ◆ Hair Dryer
  • ◆ Soap
  • ◆ Comb & Brush
  • ◆ Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • ◆ Bath Towel
  • ◆ Down Comforter
  • ◆ Yukata(light cotton kimono)
  • ◆ Shaver
100 Beautiful Yukata Styles
Choose your own style

We provide free rental yukata for men and women throughout the year.
From April to October we offer a variety of about 100 different colored yukata for women.
First change into your yukata, then take our original Tajimaya yukago (a bag for carrying your belongings to the bath) and enjoy touring around to all the public baths in town or strolling around town.


Tajimaya features 3 complimentary private baths

The ryokan has three hot spring baths available for private use, Kagen, Chikuyo and Kirara.
Each different from the others, relax and refresh after a long journey in any of the three private onsen baths.

Kirara bath
You can enjoy the feeling of open air bathing in this shigaraki ceramic bathtub.
Kagen bath
This onsen bath is comprised of two large pots, bathing here feels like taking a Jacuzzi inside a cauldron.
Chikuyo bath
This onsen bath is enclosed in latticed panels of bamboo and tatami.
Using the private onsen baths

There is no time schedule for reserving the private onsen baths, if you would like to use a bath please call the front desk (number 9) or ask your room hostess. If the bath is occupied at the time you wish to use it, the front desk will call your room as soon as it becomes available.

  • ◆ When using the baths please go to reception first and exchange your room key for the keys of your chosen private onsen bath.
  • ◆ Usage time for each private onsen bath is 45 minutes.
  • ◆ The baths are open for use between 6am and 12pm (midnight). The baths may be closed for cleaning between 10am and 2pm.
  • ◆ After finishing using the baths, please lock the door from the outside and return the keys to the front desk.
  • ◆ There is no charge for the baths, guests staying at Tajimaya can use the baths free of charge during their stay.
  • ◆ Each bath has shampoo, conditioner, and body soap for you to use freely.


A Modern Japanese style atmosphere and chic appearance

The inn’s interior is accented with earthen walls, antique wood, bamboo and charcoal everywhere. The Lobby and hallways are laid with traditional Japanese straw mats resulting in a warm and relaxed atmosphere of our modern Japanese style inn.
The rooms are equipped with heated flooring, which is a rare feature even in Kinosaki Onsen, that especially our female guests appreciate.
We provide the best hospitality with three private bathes overflowing with individuality, cuisine made with local ingredients, and Japanese sake.

Facilities Summary
Total number
of Guest rooms
12 Rooms
[ Modern Japanese style 13.6m²~20.4 m² (7 rooms)
Modern Japanese style 17 m²~23.8 m² (5 rooms) ]
Guest Capacity
35 persons
Reception Times
Private Bath [ Open: 6am~12am ]
Parking Lot
15 spaces (free / no reservation required)
*There is a free parking lot provided next to Tajimaya
Every guest room has free wireless internet
*Guest traveling with JR (Japan Railway) can
make use of the free shuttle bus (until 6pm)
Payment Methods
Cash & Credit Card(Visa, master card, Amx, BC, UC, JCB)

Treasury of gourmet food, Tajima Kinosaki

With the change of the seasons we change our menu to match which local ingredients are best at this time, in order to create our seasonal Kaiseki Ryouri (A traditional multi-course Japanese dinner).
For our meals we have the motto “locally raised, locally consumed”. While using safe ingredients from the local area and in making best use of products from the Tajima mountains and the Sea of Japan, you can enjoy the individual flavors of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Snow Crab

Among the speical Matsuba Kani (aka Zuwaikani) that is brought into Tsuiyama Port in Toyooka, Hyogo only a select few meet the requirements to be given the title of snow crab. Tsuiyama port is one of the very few fishing ports which's fishing grounds are near enough to operate on a one day fishing trip base making it possible to preserve the freshness of the catch.

The Tsuiyama crab can be only eaten for about 4 months each year, from November 6th to March 20th of the following year. During that time Kinosaki Onsen will be dyed in the color of crab and filled with guests bustling around and longing for crab.

Tajima Beef

Tajima Gyu(beef) is a type of Black Wagyu (Japanese cattle) that is produced in Hyogo prefecture and has met the strict "rating"criteria set by the "Marketing & Distribution Association" in order to be called Tajima Gyu.
The meat is called Tajima Gyu and the animal is called Tajima Cow.
Tajima cattle, native of Hyogo prefecture, are famous for being used as the breeding cattle used for Japan's top three brand name beefs "Kobe Beef", "Matsusaka Beef" and "Omi Beef".

Locally brewed sake

We are very proud to able to offer the biggest variety of local Sake (rice wine), local Shochu (spirit distilled from sweet potatoes, rice, etc.) and local beer among the all the inns in Kinosaki Onsen.
Don't forget to enjoy Tajima's ingredients and Tajima's liquors together.